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What is Double Drawn Hair?

Immaculée by Annette Hair Co. specializes in double drawn hair.  

Double drawn hair undergoes additional processes during its manufacturing.  With double drawn hair, a percentage of shorter hairs are REMOVED from bulk hair by hand and the result is a product with more fullness from root to tip; fuller hair on the top and bottom. 

With single drawn hair shorter hairs are left to REMAIN in bulk hair and the result is a product with thinner ends; fuller on top but thin out through the bottom.  Single drawn hair is the most commonly sold hair extension type on the market, requiring less work in its processing and manufacturing.  

You will see higher costs for double drawn hair due to the elevated quality, increased volume and duration that  will far exceed that of single drawn hair extensions.

Why choose Double Drawn Hair?

If you desire a fuller, naturally healthy look, double drawn hair is full bodied.

Styling done with double drawn hair may not require as much hair as when styled with single drawn hair.

Double drawn hair will maintain its fullness from top to bottom.

Note: For people with fine hair, double-drawn might not be suitable for all installation types. The weight of the extensions may be too much for the natural hair to support.  Always consult with a licensed professional.

Should I care for Double Drawn Hair differently? 

Double-drawn hair extensions are of higher quality, but do not vary from the care requirements of single drawn hair.

Do not excessively wash double drawn hair; follow your natural hair care routine. The more products used, the more the wash frequency increases. Keep product use at a minimum as the quality of Immaculée by Annette Hair Co. does not require much of it.

Follow provided hair care instructions received with purchases.

What is the difference between the Machine Weft, Flat Weft and Hand-Tied Weft?

Machine Weft extensions are a collection of single hair strands sewn together by a machine.  Loose strands from bulk hair are fed through a triple-head sewing machine, adding a reinforced stitch near the top of the single strands.  The stitching of the strands collectively becomes a long weft and two of these wefts are stitched together; this creates a bundle.  Machine wefts are more durable due to the doubling of the weft and can be cut.  Hair is folded for this process and does have return hair (folded over) at the seam. 

Flat Weft extensions are a collection of single hair strands first applied to PU and then stitched on ribbon.  Wefts are approximately 1mm in thickness; a weft that is extremely thin.  This eliminates bulkiness which is associated with some sew in hair weaves that utilize machine weft extensions. Flat wefts are strong and flexible and can be cut.  Hair is not folded for this process and does not have return hair (folded over) at the seam.

 Hand-Tied Weft extensions are a collection of single hair strands which are tied to the extension seam (string) and knotted in place completely by hand; there is no machine involvement. This results in a strong but much thinner weft than that of a machine weft.  Hand Tied wefts are durable but delicate because the seam must NEVER be cut.  Hair is folded for this process and does have return hair (folded over) at the seam. 

How may I purchase wholesale?

Please contact to inquire about wholesale purchase opportunities.